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Carbide Roll for Seamless Steel Pipe
Carbide Roll for Seamless Steel Pipe
Product Description:

Cemented carbide roll rings are used on the strench reducing mill for seamless steel pipe with the durability tens of times as common roll. The surface quality and the accuracy to size of pipe are greatly improved.In this way,we can effectively reduce the production cost and improve the quality.

Installation requirement of cemented carbide roll rings for seamless steel pipe:

1.The transition fit is adopted for the matching metching method of rings and axle.

2.We adopt hot charge rolling technology for the installation of roll rings under the temperature of no more than 300℃.Otherwise,the properties of roll rings will be degraded and even crack appear.

3.We shall ensure the reasonable installtion and supply of cooling waater with the pressure and volume reaching 0.4-0.5Mpa and 20-40m³/hr respectively.

4.We shall frequently check the operating status of equipment and inject lubricating oil regularly.

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