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Tungsten Carbide Circular Cutter
Tungsten Carbide Circular Cutter
Product Description:

Solid Carbide Slitting Cutter / TUNGSTEN CARBIDE SLITTING / DICING BLADES /Slitting and Slotting Saws /Tungsten Carbide Tipped...

We take pride in providing superior quality Solid Carbide Slitting Cutter that is flame hardened. Our custom & precision constructed Solid Carbide Slitting Cutter range is designed for various industrial applications and costs less when compared to conventional cutters.

Solid Carbide Slitting Cutter

We manufacture Solid Carbide Slitting Cutter cutters that are being variously used in different industrial for slot applications. These cutters offer high tolerance & optimal chip breaker design with abrasion resistant edge. They are treated under controlled conditions to increase the cutting edge rigidity. We offer these in different types as per client’s need & machine compatibility.


• High speed
• Dust free


• Precision slitting.

We can produce slitting saws in the following dimensions:

Outside Ø = 4 to 315 mm

Width max. = 80 mm

Number of teeth = 2–400


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