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CBN & PCD Inserts
CBN & PCD Inserts
Product Description:

PCD and CBN tools from SUN Carbide 

SUN Carbide is one of the leading suppliers of PCD and CBN tools
with world-wide production and service facilities.

From natural diamond to synthetic PCD and CBN

A natural diamond possesses numerous characteristics that makes it the ideal tool
material. However, the industry believes it is not perfect enough.

This is the reason why synthetic tool materials such as PCD and CBN were developed.

Advantages and application ranges

PCD and CBN tools are especially suitable for the machining of difficult-to-machine,
highly abrasive materials offering highest quality and economic efficiency.

Application examples: aviation and automotive

The automotive, aviation and aerospace industries apply SUN Carbide PCD and CBN tools
for especially demanding operations such as the machining of cylinder heads or the
production of rivet holes in airplanes.

Our tool program 

A speciality of SUN Carbide‘s PCD and CBN tool production are customer specific special tools
for highly complex machining tasks.

Process design for optimal results

The application of PCD and CBN tools is only the first step to success.
Decisive for a highly efficient production is the design of the complete process.
Here, SUN Carbide gives customers the benefit of a long-standing know-how.

Service for the entire tool life

SUN Carbide‘s technical field service and service centres all over the world
ensure a continuous and comprehensive support for our PCD and CBN customers.

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