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Cemented Carbide Drawing Die
Cemented Carbide Drawing Die
Product Description:

Cemented carbide drawing dies are used in wire drawing industries for drawing of different materials like Mild Steel
(M.S), High Carbon (H.C), Stainless Steel (S.S), Brass, Aluminum, etc. All major wire producers use tungsten
carbide drawing dies.

Carbide grades for drawing dies:
YG3X YG6X YG6A YG3 YG6 YG8 YG11 YG15 YG18 YG20
We can make suggestions of suitable grades for customers’ usage.

Our types of cemented carbide drawing dies:
1. Dies for rawing metal wires
2. Dies for rods.
3. Dies for tubes.
4. Dies for plugs.
5.No-standard drawing dies
6.finished and semi-finished available.

Carbide drawing dies application scope is very extensive, mainly used for drawing rods,wire,silk, pipe material and
so on. It is suitable for drawing process steel,copper,tungsten ,molybdenum and alloy material.

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