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Carbide Strips
Carbide Strips
Product Description:

 Cemented Carbide Plates & Strip

Carbide plates are used for any kind of brazing tools for special application, and also used for mold materials with high wear resistance and high toughness.

Cemented carbide plates have always been our main products through the years; we have developed expertise in manufacturing a wide range of them. With good durability and strong impact resistance, they can be used in making hardware and standard stamping moulds. Tungsten carbide plates are widely applicable for electronic industry, motor rotor, stator, LED lead frame, EI silicon sheet and so on. All the tungsten carbide plates must be inspected strictly and only those without any harm such as pore, bubbles, cracks etc. can be shipped out. We produce tungsten carbide plates in different sizes and grade. Customers' designs are also welcomed.

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