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Shanghai Sun Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd.

The professional manufacturer of Carbide roll and ring,HSS Roll, China,Welcome to inquiry
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Workpiece Rest
Workpiece Rest
Product Description:

We are professional manufacturer of workpiece rest used for OD Grinding Machines. 

Our regular length is: 376,420,470,520,840…mm;

Material: Cemented Carbide + Forged steel;

Carbide Hardness: 90-91HRA;

Precision tolerance control: +0.02/0 mm;

Main Partner:SAURER GROUP,JMV LPS Ltd,Al Rahim Textile Industries,etc

Workpiece Rest advantages: Carbide  materials has high hardness and good wear resistance.Also with a longer service time when working.
At the same time our products have high precision.

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